Meet the 1st Asian Google Glass app developers at “CeBIT Australia 2017”

hat are your plans for the 23rd, 24th and 25th of May? Are you looking out for a potential technological partner? Meet us, Insharp technologies (Pvt.) Ltd at CeBIT Australia 2017. CeBIT Australia is a prominent business technology event, attracting thousands of technology professionals from Government, enterprise, SMEs and start-ups. This year it will be held for the 16th consecutive year. The event comprises of a tech exhibition, keynote speeches, conferences, strategic panels, networking events and especially a startup zone.

Why should you meet Insharp Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd at CeBIT?

We are the first Sri Lankan Company to deliver commercial grade Google Glass software applications to the world. The Google Glass application we developed, for “displaying timed reminders for doctors” reached global news and it is currently used in hospitals in United States. We attended “innovest unbound 2017” which was held this month in Singapore. There we met a large number of people who were interested in taking our technological support to empower their businesses. Therefore our next step is to conquer the waters of CeBIT Australia this May!

What can you gain from us?

We will be there to promote our services and to seek start-ups who are interested in receiving our technological assistance.

Our service is not just limited to offshoring; we guarantee to provide you with an exceptional value added service.

Our aim is to be your shadow CTO from Concept to Completion, but are you ready to grab the chance in seeking assistance from the best of the best?

Grab this opportunity! Join with us, Insharp Technologies (Pvt) Ltd at the International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling harbor in Australia from 23rd – 25th of May 2017 to lead your business towards the pinnacle of success.

By Judith Shenali Welikala

Inspiring the Next Generation

Insharp’s Next stop, “innovfest unbound” Singapore 2017

Do you own a startup? Are you ready to grow and reach the pinnacle of success? Are you in search of a proficient technological partner?

Here is your answer!

Visit Insharp Technologies at “innovfest unbound” in Singapore!

“innovfest unbound”, is the platform where Asian innovators meet the world to showcase Asia’s most innovative developments. In this week-long series over 8000 entrepreneurs, brands, corporates, investors, start-ups, academics and the media get together to connect and share insights on the latest technological trends, to forge lasting relationships and business opportunities.

Insharp Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is the first Sri Lankan Company to deliver commercial grade Google Glass software applications to the world.

The Google Glass application we once developed, for “displaying timed reminders for doctors” is currently actively used in hospitals in United States. This new cutting edge technology has already reached global news and is saving lives of millions of patients by being an essential support system for the medical personnel.

We are seeking start-ups to give our support and technological assistance as we have done over the past.

Insharp Technologies is more than ready to be your shadow CTO from Concept to Completion.

We are excited to give our exceptional services to Singapore and rest of the world!

Therefore don’t miss the opportunity to meet us, Insharp Technologies (Pvt) Ltd at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on the 3rd and 4th of May 2017 to unveil the successful future of your start-up.

By Judith Shenali Welikala

Insharp Technologies at Aurora 2k17

Do you own a startup? Are you ready to grow and reach the pinnacle of success? Are you in search of a proficient technological partner?

The key highlight of the event was none other than the panel discussion held in par with distinguished members from several renowned IT firms including, Insharp Technologies where Mr. Rangana Samarasinghe CEO, is also an alumni from the Department of Computer Science of University of Sri Jayawardanepura. The other panelists were Mr. Harsha Subasinghe; CEO, CodeGen, Mr. Mangala Perera; Director, Software development, IFS, Mr. Wellington Perera; DX Lead, Microsoft and Mr. Stein Inge Haaland, CEO, Embla Software Innovation.

Adhisha Gammanpila, Winner of the GSEA 2017 National Finals acted as the moderator for the panel discussion. The discussion mainly focused on topics such as career opportunities, startups, and innovation.

“What is a startup?” to answer this question who else is more suitable than the CEO of Insharp. According to him, “Startups” or “Entrepreneurship” are mere buzzwords. The concept is not new. All giants in the world have started from ground level. Few years back starting a business was not an easy task, but today the mind set of people has changed for the best. Investors have already diverted their focus on making forums to bring startups to the next level. All you need is a laptop and a unique idea that can expand to a million dollar idea.

University students do have very good ideas, but why do they stay as ideas rather than becoming a success story? Answering to this question he stated that the main problem behind that is not having focus! “If you want to solve a problem you have to live with that problem”, said Mr. Rangana. It’s all about expanding the idea rather than expanding your business. Success will eventually come to you when you succeed by giving a solution to your very own idea or problem.

Then came up a question regarding “Idea stealing”! People have stupendous ideas, they can be hundred percent sure that it’s indeed a million dollar idea, but he or she might be refraining from executing it due to the fear of getting the idea stolen by external parties. Giving a prompt answer for this, Mr. Rangana stated that none would steal the idea unless you have executed it. Assume that you have an idea; there can be others who have the same. What if they acted out first? Then you can’t say that it’s your idea. Therefore without execution you cannot acquire ownership for anything. Implementation is the ideal option. Therefore start implementing your idea today. With that note Mr. Rangana winded up his point in style.

Insharp technologies have short term and long term goals in enhancing the quality and sustainability of the IT industry. Being a panelist at Aurora 2k17 is just a mere step taken in achieving this goal. This marked the end for a mind intriguing discussion but it indeed left a note for yet another promising representation from Insharp for the betterment of the Industry. Stay Tuned….

By Judith Shenali Welikala

Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs!

“bundlhub” at “Mora Ventures 1.0”

As every blazing fire begins with a little spark, as a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, the same concept applies to successful businesses all around the globe. They all started as startups. “Mora Ventures 1.0”, pitching challenge was conducted by the “Entrepreneurship Society” of University of Moratuwa. It is an event which is one of it’s kind that mainly focuses on promoting and helping startups by undergraduates.

Mr. Thikshan Arulampalam the Co-founder of “bundlhub” and Mr. Rangana Smarasighe the Co- founder of “bundlhub” and the CEO of “Insharp Technologies” attended as the guest speakers at the second session of Mora ventures 1.0

Mr. Heminda Jayaweera who is also a serial innovator and an entrepreneur invited Mr. Thikshan Arulampalam and Mr. Rangana Samarasinghe on stage. This was an interactive session to ignite and inspire the enthusiastic student engineers present at the occasion. “How many of you have heard of our startup bundlhub?” Mr. Arulampalam kick started the session by asking a question from the audience.

Then Mr. Rangana followed him asking yet again another question. “How many of you, want to start a startup?” All these questions paved the way for Mr. Rangana to narrate his own life story about starting his company “Insharp technologies”. According to him it had all started in his study room. He has had the qualifications and the work experience as a software developer and a software architect but he had always had the thirst to do something different. He wanted to start his own company! Those days the concept of entrepreneurship and startups were like unknown waters for many people. A few people knew about them. They were afraid to initiate a startup. Accepting the challenge, he started his company and received his first software project worth the value of $ 600. After building that relationship with his first customer Insharp slowly advanced to receive a $20 000 worth project. “Even we didn’t know that we were developing” said Mr. Rangana. As time passed the number of developers under him increased, the company shifted from that little room to a larger house and the client based grew, with trust. The startup which started in a small study room found itself to a company that has potential. The students listened to this success story with awe as Mr. Rangana next stated the life changing moment of his working career. It was none other than meeting his companion and co-founder of bundlhub Mr. Thikshan Arulampalam.

Then it was time for Mr. Arulampalam to awake his past. “I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but things don’t go the way we want. I worked 10 years at MIT then after getting the Green Card I got the chance to open my first company” he said. He also mentioned how marketing can come in handy when starting a business or creating a product.

The next piece of advice he had to offer was not to hesitate to enter into a partnership with someone else who has a different skill set when developing a business of your own, just as Mr. Rangana as a developer found a good marketing person in Mr. Arulampalam. According to him he found the best team to work together. “It’s just like a marriage; there can be fights” added Mr. Rangana giving a touch of humor to what he was saying. Regardless of these mismatches the important thing is to collaborate and to see a gap which can be filled by a new startup or an idea. Therefore at their first meet up Mr. Rangana had conveyed his idea to Mr. Arulampalam and he said that this idea has had found it’s way to success today as a result of their collaboration.

Then the discussion found it’s way towards “Bootstrap-Entrepreneurship” Mr. Rangana stated that funding was indeed a massive challenge for entrepreneurs. Agreeing to the above Mr. Arulampalam stated that even though lots of people have ideas they don’t have the technology to solve their problems. In simple terms people have billion dollar ideas, but they don’t know how to execute them.

Then he moved on to explain more about their startup “bundlhub”. It is an app which helps you create value by giving items you no longer need, to somebody else. In other terms if somebody has something to give away, one can simple upload a picture where people can bid for it, swap it for something else or can give it for free.

“Insharp technologies” is the first commercial company in Asia to deliver commercial grade GoogleGlass software applications to the world. The lesson behind such an accomplishment is to have a simple concept and to have the focus in implementing the solution. “Don’t try to pitch an idea to the investors, but try to develop that idea. Throughout your life rather than running after investors, why not start today with the resources you have” That indeed was a million dollar advice by Mr. Rangana.

Then Mr. Arulampalam spiced up that idea by referring to how Google and facebook started. Both those companies were startups and now they are controlling the world economy. He did not forget to mention a couple of good books, important sites and some real life stories of several successful entrepreneurs to motivate the keen undergraduates.

Then the questions from the undergraduates came floating in.“How can a person know the potential or the value of his/her idea?” one student raised the question. Every idea gets validated by the market. Mr. Arulampalam said that people or the buyers themself can give you a bag full of ideas if one approaches them properly. Then, on the day you hit the market with your product you already have a subset of people who needs your product.

“If a person is not technically sound yet still want to initiate a startup, how should they select a business partner?” that was yet again a very intriguing question by another undergraduate. “It should be based on trust. After pitching your idea to a potential partner think far ahead about what this person can do for you today and later in the years to come” the student received a satisfactory answer.

Finally winding up the session Mr. Arulampalam had one last piece of advice in store. “All what we talked about today is like the classic example of Bacon and eggs. It’s a commitment for the hen but a sacrifice for the pig. A startup is a sacrifice! Are you ready for the hard work and sacrifice?” This indeed was an awe-inspiring way to end the session.

This was yet another step by “Insharp Technologies” and “bundlhub” to reach and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is not the end but it’s just the beginning for more exiting ventures from bundlhub and Insharp Technologies.

By Judith Shenali Welikala