Insharp Technologies at Aurora 2k17

Do you own a startup? Are you ready to grow and reach the pinnacle of success? Are you in search of a proficient technological partner?

The key highlight of the event was none other than the panel discussion held in par with distinguished members from several renowned IT firms including, Insharp Technologies where Mr. Rangana Samarasinghe CEO, is also an alumni from the Department of Computer Science of University of Sri Jayawardanepura. The other panelists were Mr. Harsha Subasinghe; CEO, CodeGen, Mr. Mangala Perera; Director, Software development, IFS, Mr. Wellington Perera; DX Lead, Microsoft and Mr. Stein Inge Haaland, CEO, Embla Software Innovation.

Adhisha Gammanpila, Winner of the GSEA 2017 National Finals acted as the moderator for the panel discussion. The discussion mainly focused on topics such as career opportunities, startups, and innovation.

“What is a startup?” to answer this question who else is more suitable than the CEO of Insharp. According to him, “Startups” or “Entrepreneurship” are mere buzzwords. The concept is not new. All giants in the world have started from ground level. Few years back starting a business was not an easy task, but today the mind set of people has changed for the best. Investors have already diverted their focus on making forums to bring startups to the next level. All you need is a laptop and a unique idea that can expand to a million dollar idea.

University students do have very good ideas, but why do they stay as ideas rather than becoming a success story? Answering to this question he stated that the main problem behind that is not having focus! “If you want to solve a problem you have to live with that problem”, said Mr. Rangana. It’s all about expanding the idea rather than expanding your business. Success will eventually come to you when you succeed by giving a solution to your very own idea or problem.

Then came up a question regarding “Idea stealing”! People have stupendous ideas, they can be hundred percent sure that it’s indeed a million dollar idea, but he or she might be refraining from executing it due to the fear of getting the idea stolen by external parties. Giving a prompt answer for this, Mr. Rangana stated that none would steal the idea unless you have executed it. Assume that you have an idea; there can be others who have the same. What if they acted out first? Then you can’t say that it’s your idea. Therefore without execution you cannot acquire ownership for anything. Implementation is the ideal option. Therefore start implementing your idea today. With that note Mr. Rangana winded up his point in style.

Insharp technologies have short term and long term goals in enhancing the quality and sustainability of the IT industry. Being a panelist at Aurora 2k17 is just a mere step taken in achieving this goal. This marked the end for a mind intriguing discussion but it indeed left a note for yet another promising representation from Insharp for the betterment of the Industry. Stay Tuned….

By Judith Shenali Welikala