Research and Development

Insharp Technologies has been your reliable technological partner for more than a decade.

As the first Sri Lankan company to deliver commercial grade Google-Glass software to the world we have a proud history of serving our client needs with excellence. Turning a new leaf, we have launched our R&D unit in 2017 to cater to the never-ending thirst for technology by using ever upgrading technologies.

Here in our Research and Development unit, we are researching cutting edge technologies to innovate new IT-based products. In our research unit, we are currently conducting R&D with IoT and AI for short term as well as long term projects.

Currently, we have initiated a long-term research project called “Talking trees” where we introduce a cloud base platform for farming automation with the ultimate goal to understand and communicate with trees. We are proud to owe sufficient knowledge expertise to carry on extensive research products. If interested in what the R&D unit of Insharp Technologies has in store feel free to contact us.