For more than 9 years, we’ve been helping large and small businesses innovate and build advanced software products that make a difference. We are always investing in research and development and applying this in-house R&D to new technologies that are fresh on the market. As soon as you have an idea to validate, we’ll be there every step of the way to make it happen and to make sure each phase goes successfully.
Such services are appreciated by both startup entrepreneurs and traditional CEOs alike


Almost every successful product begins as a “working prototype”. We continuously invest in our R&D, so our engineers can do a feasibility assessment and build prototypes for the boldest ideas you can imagine!


Outsourced Product Engineering

We’ve been working as an outsource/CTO partner with some of our clients for as long as we’ve been in business!

We deliver results that range from single app development to software product portfolios with dozens of products.

Software products that we have built in the past currently serve multiple business markets, from small departments to masses worldwide. We embrace an agile product development methodology, and measure/adjust your project to achieve its desired outcomes and results quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can do this for your company.


MVP Development

In the race to the top, our clients strive for first place. Technology can be a disruptive force: enabling new business models, improving value propositions and lowering costs. Who doesn’t want that?

We help you iterate on and test new ideas quickly and inexpensively, creating a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP), that will quickly allow you to see how users interact with it, try new things, and make it better.

We believe in and practice “Lean” startup methodologies.

We have been successfully employing these methodologies for years.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Some products we’ve helped to develop 10+ years ago are still effectively serving their users’ needs today.

So we do not just develop software… we stay close-by to ensure things are running smoothly over time, to help iterate, and to help take advantage of the latest technologies on the market.

Our post-delivery Support and Maintenance contracts are designed as a win-win situation for both you and Insharp. Send us a note and we’ll get started.



We understand your business is unique. We strive to fulfill your needs as we work together from concept to completion and everything in-between. Our models are tailored for all different kinds of clients: from startups to traditional enterprises, we serve them all!