Who We Are

The Humble Beginning

The vision that two developers worked with almost a decade ago, in a small room, soon became a reality under the name of Insharp Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. So far, Insharp has been able to provide not only innovative but also outstanding technological solutions to satisfy clients from around the globe. As Insharp’s expertise goes beyond regular solutions, in terms of CTO outsourcing or software consultation, you could not gain a better service elsewhere!

Our Mission

We aspire to become the next market giant in the international software solutions industry through effective utilisation of marketing, advanced technology & teamwork.

Our Vision

We target on becoming the most recognised global tech service provider that makes the best initiations for business growth by utilising in-depth knowledge to derive solutions in an innovative style.

Our Service

Service to You

We cater a wide range of services to give you cost-effective solutions that will help you to get tremendous positive engagement and feedback from your clients. With our expertise, you can obtain the benefits of customized service and experience a conspicuous growth in your business.


Despite being a business firm, we have inculcated certain values at our workplace that revolve around humanity and empathy. Thus, we do not consider our employees as mere resources but care for their well being and career advancements.”

Client Focus

We ensure that our client’s requirements are well attended to while using our knowledge and expertise to give out a product beyond his expectations. Because, for us, a client is a partner with whom we would like to develop great business concepts!


Technological requirements are growing rapidly by the day & to keep up; we have to find smarter methods to do things more conveniently at a rapid pace. By exploring every nook & corner in the tech industry, we have developed the skills at manipulating its most efficient tools that can help you in crediting a great competitive advantage to your revenue!


Great achievements can be made with set goals and dedicated efforts. Our experts are great enthusiasts of cutting-edge technology and hacking into complex problems. If passion is what you seek in a solution provider, we will make a great collaboration!


Our work ethics have helped in bringing innovative concepts to life and creating uniquely effective products. Our friendly bespoke services in delivering the said products has helped in adorning our B2B transactions with the compliments of work excellence.


Insharp’s culture and work ethics mainly revolve around teamwork. Thus, we encourage team building events at all times. We believe that by getting along, sharing knowledge and guiding each other, a company can run a long and more efficient journey towards success.

Our Director

Rangana Samarasinghe

President/Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Rangana Samarasinghe is the founder, CEO and system architect of Insharp Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. He has gained ten years of experience through working under a range of business models in the Sri Lankan software development industry. Rangana launched his career and interest in this industry as a software developer for the IT system development division of Sampath Bank PLC (one of the leading commercial banks in Sri Lanka). His experience was acquired through working for leading software companies in Sri Lanka.