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Polit empowers your workforce to make informed decisions and confidently navigate company protocols. Our user-friendly chat interface makes accessing and understanding company policies a breeze. Ask questions, get instant answers, and ensure compliance. This fosters a culture of clarity and efficiency, leading to smoother operations and a more productive work environment.


Discover a new era of appointment management with Cita – the ultimate tool that transforms scheduling into a seamless experience. Cita eliminates the complexities of appointment coordination. Its user-friendly interface streamlines the process, freeing you from time-consuming tasks and conventional headaches. This powerful tool empowers both individuals and businesses to simplify workflows.


Tired of juggling complex HR tasks? Peaco streamlines your HR with a user-friendly platform. Making Your HR Management Difficulties Easier. This user-friendly system combines Employee Management and HRIS features, simplifying workflows and saving you valuable time and resources. Say goodbye to HR complexities – Peaco empowers you to manage your workforce with ease.

Morel CRM

Morel CRM, empowers real estate professionals to close more deals with its user-friendly lead management platform. Edit and manage lead information seamlessly, while robust spam filtering safeguards your data. Track leads easily with categorized statuses, generate detailed reports, and refine your property management strategy.


Tuti is an award-winning remote educational platform that covers all your teaching and learning needs. The tech native generations have caused a shift of all interactions from physical to virtual. TuTi offers all 360 classroom solutions with utmost convenience, high engagement, and hassle-free. The product also comes with customizable payment models.


Analatica is a simplified data analysis and business intelligence platform, which captures, analyzes, and visualizes your data. In this highly competitive business world, data analysis plays a major factor. Analitica is capable of working with all kinds of Databases and data sheets.